How To Download Capcut Apk

CapCut is a popular feature-packed video editing app that makes post-production of audiovisual creations easy for Android users. Adding clips, trimming clips, adjusting values, adding music, and adding stickers can be done all in one. Capcut was officially named CapCut and was previously known as ViaMaker. However, it has only changed its name and icon.

With this app, you can now show your creativity to the world. This is a great opportunity to edit your videos in a more attractive way. Now you can create custom videos, animations, and slideshows as this is a powerful video editing app where you can do any major task in a single app.

However, many social media influencers such as “video shows” use this Capcut mobile app to perform various tasks such as making travel videos, daily life movie clips, and many more. One of Capcut’s most unique capabilities is that you can do many of the tasks you would otherwise require using high-performance PC software. Thus, Capcut can be presented as an all-in-one video editing application that helps you create stunning video clips.


Special Features of Capcut App

It doesn’t matter if you make this video to post on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Since you can scale your video to any aspect ratio, you can post your video on any social media. It doesn’t matter whether you recorded the video in portrait mode or landscape mode. Now you can edit your video in both portrait and landscape mode. Capcut allows you to create or edit your videos in any aspect ratio, such as 9:16, 16:9 (suitable for YouTube and high-resolution TV), 1:1 (for Instagram and Facebook square size), 4:3, 2:1 (to be assigned as cover photos), etc. Also, you can share your creative videos on any social media platform like WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Line, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, and many more.

Another special feature is that you can add any photo or video to the video from above. This function is called “Add Top Layers”. You can change the opacity of the top layer to any size. If you need to make the top video or image more visible, you need to resize the top layer. Suppose you need it to be less visible, reduce it. Video creative changes are based on the visibility of the layer you add. So to make it look better, get the top layer just right.

Another special feature that Capcut allows you to experiment with is sound effects. You can add different sound effects to your video audio. There are different types of sound effects, such as chipmunk effects, deep effects, high and low effects, and distorted sound effects. You can add a favorite and suitable effects to your created video and make it more creative. However, if you don’t need any sound or audio effects, you can mute them and have them play without sound.


Capcut gives you a freeze feature where you can freeze a video while it is playing. This feature is more useful when you need to focus anywhere in the video or if you have described somewhere in your video, read the description without pausing the video.

You can reverse the video using the reverse function. This feature is mainly used to make funny videos. So, you can flip through each of your silly puns and laugh all you want.

Capcut provides you with a variety of editing tools where you can completely edit your video as you wish. You can split, merge, change the speed from fast to slow and slow to fast, and play the video in different skins like filmstrips, circles, rectangles, and hearts. It doesn’t matter which way you recorded the video because you can rotate your video either way when you edit. So you don’t have to worry about which side you have engraved. You can certainly edit and rotate to your liking. Also, you can crop the video to any size. This feature helps you to cut unnecessary parts of the video.


Another impressive feature that Capcut offers its users is the mirror effect feature where you can make your video upside down. This feature helps you reverse the videos recorded by your selfie camera.

In addition, you can assign animation effects to the video, such as fade in, fade out, dissolve, rotate, and more. This animation transition helps you make your video look attractive.

Another super special option is that it has a video color adjustment feature where you can balance the color of your video. It doesn’t matter if it’s split or full; You can balance the colors of both videos. You can change saturation, brightness from dark to light, sharpness from detailed to non-detailed, temperature from cool to warm, highlights, hue, and fade. With these color adjustment options, you can now make adjustments to the video and make it more attractive.


Capcut is a very useful app for video editing. This app is used by many professional video editors, filmmakers, and travel video makers. Capcut is famous all over the world for its excellent features and functions. There are more than 50 million users worldwide who use it to edit their videos. Capcut Bytedance Pvt Ltd. is a production of, which was officially launched on 10 April 2020. The app was named ViaMaker but was officially renamed Capcut. Even if they have changed the icon and application name, the objects and functions have not been changed. After downloading and installing the app, you must allow access to certain parts of your device, such as the microphone and storage. By allowing access you experience all the benefits of the application. You don’t have to worry about allowing access because KeepKit is a verified app on Google Play Protect.


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