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Best Game Booster For Android

There is a fix for game mode app league fixes and bug fixes. Play your favorite games without a break. Enjoy a break-free gaming experience with our Game Booster! Game Booster Game Anti-rig Tool No. 1!

The only game mode app in the Play Store. Comes with a great feature set to enhance and enhance your gaming experience. Once set, the game mode will automatically do the rest. Your ultimate game booster and anti-league tool.

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How its work?

You can configure various settings that are applied automatically at the beginning of the game. These settings can be set globally or on a game-by-game basis. Game mode booster also remembers the current device settings when you turn off the service from the notification panel and restore them after the gameplay session. You no longer need to tinker with device settings before each gameplay session.

Which features are configured automatically?

Automatically reject incoming calls – Game Booster is with you. Show off your skills without interruption.
Block notifications – with Game Booster, Focus never interrupts – is a pure gaming experience.
Clear background apps to free up RAM and improve game performance – your experience is our top priority.
Game Booster-Game Anti-rig Tool-Instant League Roger!
Play the game with maximum performance – Improve your gaming experience and unlock more FPS!
Disable automatic brightness and customize it to the desired level.
Change Wi-Fi status
Change the ringtone and media volume.
Create a widget that launches the game directly from the device’s home screen. Your game launcher.
When Auto Mode is enabled, the game/app will be detected automatically, the configured settings will be applied, and the original settings will be restored after the game/app is closed. ,
Whitelist the app from the notification block.
Whitelist your app to prevent it from being cleared in the background.

Premium features

Ping Booster – High Ping Solution
Yes, there is a high-ping solution with League Fixer in one app. Your gameplay is our priority. Therefore, there is a ping booster to improve and enhance system performance.


Widget Creation – Game Launcher

An easy-to-use home screen widget will make the beginning of your gaming experience even more enjoyable. Home Screen Game Launcher – Suite! Instead of spending time looking for games, enjoy playing and use the widget feature Game Launcher.


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