Best Apps For Ramadan 2022 | Top 6 Apps For Ramadan 2022

Allah has given us another month of Ramadan. Many people want to create a beautiful DP for the app and Facebook in the month of Ramadan. These apps have been instrumental in creating Islamic wallpapers that are surprisingly easy to use.

Let us know what this app is.

1: Ramadan HD Wallpapers

Ramadan is a month of blessings and prayers for Muslims. This month, Muslims around the world run fast during the day.

App Features

  1. Very Easy to Use!
  2. It’s Available Worldwide!
  3. Easy to Download and Share!
  4. Very fast and safe App!
  5. Internet required!

2: Ramadan

Ramadan 2022/1443 is a petition dedicated to Muslims around the world.
Ramadan Calendar for Android provides prayer, sehri, iftar, and other useful information times for this holy month.

This application has different features:


Sehri / Iftar times:

Get the right schedule for Sehri and Iftar.
Adjust the timetable by adding or removing minutes.

Prayer Time:

Find out the times of 5 Islamic prayers (Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha) according to geographical location (eg New York, USA) and regional methods.
Choose the method of calculation and adjust the schedule used by the mosque if necessary.

Easy search:

Find your location manually using a search engine or using GPS and an internet connection.

99 Names of Allah:

Learn the 99 names of Allah (Asma-ul-Hasna) mentioned in the Qur’an and Sunnah. This application includes speech reading, translation, and translation to make it easier to understand and learn.


3: Ramadan Mubarak Photo Frames

Ramadan is a great festival for Muslims. Let’s celebrate Ramadan by fasting, reciting the Qur’an, praying, and much more.

Congratulate your friends on this new style by sending them pictures with religious and authentic decorations.

Our modern generation is celebrating Ramadan by sending good wishes and messages to friends and relatives through social media.

Use this app to instantly create creative desires with Ramadan photo frames.

Ramadan Mubarak Photo Frames app has high-quality photo frames that you can apply to photos to give special effects.
See for yourself with beautiful Ramadan photo frames.
Make your moments memorable with Ramadan Photo Frames
Ramadan Photo Frames has many backgrounds to edit to make your photos look amazing.
Take a selfie or photo with your loved one and get a Ramadan photo frame.

Ramadan Mubarak Photo Frame App Features:

The application allows you to take pictures using the camera. Or select an image from the gallery’s timeline.
Please select a frame only. Move left or right.
Rotate down left or right to see the angle.
Add text and stickers to rotate, scale and remove features.
You can save the image in the gallery.
Share your photos through our social networks.

4: Ramadan Mubarak Wallpapers

A great collection of beautiful and unique wallpapers

Ramadan is the most sacred and long-awaited month of the Islamic festival. It is considered one of the most important pillars of Islam. Ramadan is celebrated with great devotion and respect all over the world.

Ramadan is not only about fasting but also about spiritual repentance and worship and supplication for Allah Almighty. This Ramadan will surely congratulate your family and friends, we have collected beautiful wallpapers that send these Ramadan messages for Ramadan wishes.

Create a special Ramadan moment using the “Ramadan Mubarak Wallpaper” application. In our application, you will find a wonderful collection of beautiful and stunning images that decorate your device every day.

Now that you have a beautiful collection of Ramadan wallpapers, download and install the application. This precious greeting and desire to celebrate Ramadan is part of an opportunity to express love and affection and how they are expressed.

If you want to give special greetings to your loved ones, our application “Ramadan Mubarak Wallpapers” has purchased a huge collection of wallpapers to help you express congratulations. You can also set wallpapers on electronic devices such as desktops, smartphones, and laptops.

This application is free to download and install, easy to install, takes up less space, has the best features, the best combination of wallpapers, and adds to all the fun. All this can be done through special applications like “Ramadan Mubarak Wallpapers”.
Share the “Ramadan Mubarak Wallpaper” application via social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

5: Ramadan Eid Stickers

Happy Ramadan Cream Stickers App for Islamic or Muslim Festival 2022. It is an Islamic month of fasting in which Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. Long before the advent of Islam, Ramadan was the ninth month of Arab culture.

Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast for God and pray more than usual. During Ramadan, Muslims seek forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance, help avoid everyday evils, and strive to purify themselves through self-control and good deeds.

Ramadan Karim Stickers has a collection of more than 100+ stickers for 2020. HD image of Ramadan Kareem. Only install it once you don’t need to use this app.

Every day new stickers and automatic renewal stickers for Ramadan Kareem Festival.

Ramadan ends with the first Eid al-Fitr of Shawwal and is accompanied by many festivals and Eids.

Naging with family stickers, prayers, and stickers of Islamic or Muslim people to play.

Happy Ramadan to all Muslim friends who use WhatsApp stickers.

Ramadan Kareem has over 100+ stickers for all Islamic friends to enjoy the festival with best wishes.

Celebrate Eid with WhatsApp stickers. and 2 packs of Eid stickers for Muslims or Muslims.
Just download the Eid Stickers installation on WhatsApp and share it with all your loved ones.

6: My Ramadan Planner

Connect with Muslims around the world this Ramadan with the help of this full-featured Mayrama Dumprunner app, which includes prayer times, and the direction of Qibla. My Ramadan Runner is an innovative 30 day Ramadan Running. It contains relevant material that you can use as a place to learn in Ramadan and you can perform all the important activities without any hassle wherever you are.

My Ramadan Runner is a complete Ramadan app for Ramadan 2022. This app provides daily learning references, hadith, and much more. It also provides a way to check and balance your Ramadan routine with a photo report of your daily accomplishments.
The Ramadan Planning app combines smart technology with beautiful designs to enhance the user experience and make Ramadan 2022 easy and fun.

Ramadan Runner provides Ramadan Sahar and Iftar Timing Calendar, Qur’an and Dua Ojkar. Provides Ramadan 2022 timetable for all Muslims.

Our app is designed for people of all ages and backgrounds around the world so that they can experience the best of Ramadan. We help them by keeping a record of their activities during the day so that they know what they have done and they can easily perform all the Islamic activities of the day.
Smooth Ramadan with an app that has the following features:


This feature is a big part of our app as it helps you by reviewing your daily routine report during the month of Ramadan. We ask specific questions about all the activities you do during your fast. The number of prayers, supplications, fasting, etc. is all listed and questions are asked accordingly. It helps to gauge what you do that day and reminds you if you remember something.

Saint Quran

The best feature of my Ramadan Runner app is that it contains Holy Quran. You can recite Quran in the month of Ramadan from our app. You can also read the Qur’an through a surah or paragraph, which you think is suitable for you. Recitation of the Qur’an in the month of Ramadan 2022 is the best way to get Allah’s blessings.

Prayer or remembrance

With the feature of Dua and Azkar, you can get the best collection of dua recorded during Ramadan. Our app has a huge collection of Ramadan Dua, Sarwat, and Satgfar where you can recite your favorite dua. With our app, you can recite dua anytime, anywhere, and continue Ramadan activities without any hassle.


My Ramadan Runner app has a very special feature that has proved to be very useful for all Muslims who fast and do other activities which are an important part of fasting. Our reporting capabilities include complete reports for the Qur’an, Tasbi, Mushaba, and more. This feature helps you track the time and activity spent on all activities through the app. This will help you to identify what you have lost and will help you to make up for the entire month of Ramadan.


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