Free Manual VPN Settings For Android 202

Free Manual VPN Settings For Android 2022

Free Manual VPN Settings for Android 2022, Free VPN Settings for Android Mobile Phones. Today we will show you how to do free manual VPN settings on your Android phone with unlimited free VPN accounts.

Although you all know that there is a VPN name in the settings of your Android phone, not many people are aware of this feature.

So today we are going to tell you what VPN is in your Android phone settings. And how to set free manual VPN settings in Android phone settings.

Free Manual VPN Settings For Android 2022

So let’s guide step by step on how to set free VPN settings for Android mobile without any app.

We are telling you about a website that provides you with unlimited free VPN accounts from different countries.

All you have to do is visit this and there you will see that there are many VPNs from different countries. If the VPN ping is low, it means the VPN speed is good, then you should copy the VPN address of that country.


Step by Step Open VPN Settings On Android Phone

  1. Now go to your android phone settings.
  2. Access Network and Internet.
  3. Now tap on Advanced Settings, here you will see VPN.
  4. Now tap VPN.
  5. Then tap the plus + icon.

Now android phone VPN setting will be open now here you need to follow some steps after which you can access unlimited free VPN.

Note that every mobile has different settings, if you don’t see such VPN settings then search for VPN in the search bar in mobile settings.

Free Manual VPN Settings For Android 2022

Step By Step Setup Free VPN Accounts

  1. In Edit Profile Name, enter any name: for example “New VPN“.
  2. Type: Select “L2TP/IPSec PSK“.
  3. Server Address: Enter the “server address” of the VPN whose VPN server you copied the website. and insert the server address.
  4. IPSec Pre-Shared Key: Type “VPN” in lower case,
  5. Now check the box and open Advance Option, now you will see more options.
  6. Forwarding Route: Type ““.
  7. Username: type “VPN” in lower case,
  8. Password: type “VPN” in lower case,
  9. Then tap on Save.

Your VPN settings are now complete. Now you need to enable the VPN and after a few seconds, the VPN will connect automatically. You can then browse the internet privately and access any blocked websites.


Free Manual VPN Settings For Android Mobile

What Is VPN & How Does It Work?

VPN is a full-featured virtual private network. A VPN gives you a virtual private network.

When you surf the Internet, network providers know which websites you visit and your location. And everything you do on the Internet, network providers track with an IP address.

What is the IP Address?

What is an IP address? Everyone has a public IP address, with the help of which one can easily find out which country and city that person belongs to.


Network providers can also use IP addresses to learn what a person has seen on the Internet and which websites they have visited, and Google tracks this as well. But when you connected to the VPN, your location and IP address changed.

After that, whenever you surf the internet, your IP address will be from another country, with the help of which you can also watch the content of that country that is blocked in your country.

What Is VPN In Your Android Phone

There are many apps and websites on the Internet that provide free and paid VPNs, in which you will connect to a VPN with one click. But in every Android phone’s settings, there is a setting called VPN, in which you have to manually set up the VPN i.e. virtual private network as explained in this post.


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