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What Is VPN? What Is A VPN? 2022

Hello friends, today we will discuss VPNs. and how VPNs work. I have tried to explain to you in straightforward language in this article, read the whole article carefully.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, but what is a VPN? Why Use VPN? What are the benefits of VPN? And how is the VPN used? This question will also come to your mind and today we will know in simple language what is VPN.

So let’s begin.


What is VPN?

VPN is a virtual private network. Simply put, VPN is a network that you neither need a wired network nor a SIM card to use, VPN can be used with the help of apps and software.

You can use VPN with the help of apps on Android and iOS smartphones, there are many such VPN apps in Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.


To use VPN on your computer system, you will need to install software and also get several extensions for the Chrome/firefox browser. And there are many VPN websites that provide VPN software/extensions available on the internet.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it maintains your privacy and makes your network more secure, and also prevents hacking of your network to some extent.

Reasons to use VPN

Let me explain in detail. If you are using the free Wi-Fi internet at a hotel or restaurant or train station to do an important activity such as money transaction or transfer important data and such free Wi-Fi network is not secure. In this case, you can use a good VPN.


Because when you use a VPN, your network and location change, and the network you’re connected to becomes more secure than ever. That is, when you are connected to a VPN, the free Wi-Fi provider you are using cannot track or see your activity.

There are many large companies and news agencies that frequently use VPNs. Because these people send important documents and personal files through the server, if a hacker tries to hack into their server, they won’t be able to. Because VPN keeps their network safe and hackers can’t access their servers

So now you know that a company or news agency uses a VPN for this purpose. But good and expensive VPNs are used for these purposes, not free ones because free VPNs cannot protect your data, and sometimes free VPNs are dangerous.

Nowadays everyone wants to use VPN and that too because they can access the blocked websites which are banned or blocked in their country.

Another reason to use a VPN is that user privacy remains strong. There are many people who use a VPN simply because their network provider has no idea what they are doing on the internet, such as what websites they visit and what content they watch. , and how much time is spent on which server.

By using a VPN, all these activities cannot be seen by the network provider because the location and network service are completely changed in the eyes of the network provider whose internet connection you are using.

How does a VPN work?

Now that we understand how VPN works? How VPN strengthens your privacy and security.

First of all, you should know that your Internet activity can be viewed by your network provider and the government from your public IP address, and hackers can also track you.

And the developers of the website you visit are tracking you with a public IP address, that is, the entire game is tied to the public IP address that your network provider assigns to you.

But when you are connected to a VPN, the real public IP address is associated with the VPN servers, and that VPN assigns you a different public IP address, i.e. the real public IP address. Covered with a fake IP address and that IP address can be from any country and other servers, it becomes very difficult for anyone to trace it.

One day I will explain something else to you in simple language. You see, when you connect to a VPN, in that VPN you get different servers, which are from different countries, you can choose the server from any of them. If you select a country server, you get the IP address of that country.

But your real IP address is only up to the VPN, depending on the country you choose the VPN. The virtual private network you get now means you get a different IP address, which is from a different country.

So, with the help of this IP address, you can connect to another country’s network and surf the Internet, as if you were driving in another car.

Now no one can follow you, because you are in someone else’s car, if someone tries to follow you, they will do it with your car’s license plate number, and your car is parked in one place. But the fact is that you are traveling in a different vehicle. Here is the machine’s IP address.

If you watch a variety of content on the Internet for 4 hours and visit different websites, your network provider may not see this activity, because, in the eyes of that network provider, you are one in 4 hours. I’m in the same place.

So, in this way, you can protect your network and data and also strengthen your privacy. But what harm can it do? You should know that too.

Is Free VPN Safe To Use?

If you use a free VPN, it won’t give you great features, but many free VPNs are scams, and using these free VPNs means that your data is not safe. And many free VPNs are designed only for smartphones, only the user can unblock the blocked site.

Those free VPNs mostly take much permission from your smartphone and many free VPN collect your private data like network activity, and device activity another bad thing is if they are free VPNs then they also keep free VPN if you want to connect and do something with the Internet. You earn money by selling that activity and that data on your servers because they are free VPNs. But not all free VPNs are like that, some free VPNs are good but they don’t offer many conveniences and good security.

Why do people use VPNs?

Everyone uses VPN for their different work.

If you have any questions in your mind that why do people use VPNs? So for your information let me tell you that everyone uses VPN for various tasks.

Many people use a VPN to keep their data more secure, many people use a VPN to maintain their privacy, and many people use a VPN to prevent a hacker from accessing their network. I can’t break.

If you use a paid VPN, it gives you good features and security as well as good privacy. So always use paid VPN only. No free VPN.


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