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In the modern world, everything has become digital, now in such a situation, the interest of students in the field of computers and technology is increasing, everyone wants to study computers, and some people want to make a career in the field of computers by studying computer subjects. Some want to be a computer expert if I want to be a hacker, but do you know what you need to do to become a computer expert and how you can learn more about computers, then in today’s article we will tell you how to do it. Become a computer expert?

Becoming a computer expert or becoming a computer genius is not a day’s work, becoming a computer genius can take you many months or many years, it all depends on how interested you are in the computer field. How much time do you spend learning about computers every day, and in such a situation, many people would become computer geniuses without even getting a degree in computers, then you would also be wondering how to become a computer expert, how? Whether we should study after 10th or after 12th, let’s find out some tips you can follow to become a computer expert.

How to Become a Computer Expert

1: Know about computer basics

If you are a high school student and want to become a computer wizard, but currently do not know anything about computers, then first of all you need to know computer basics such as computer What is it, how does it work happen? the startup, what is RAM in a computer, what is a hard drive, how is a password set in a computer, etc. If you learn how to work with a computer or laptop at the beginning, you can go to any computer institute and find out Or you can learn from the Internet using a computer.

  • Learn to work on a computer.
  • Learn PowerPoint Excel, Word, and Pan on the computer.
  • Learn about computer hardware components.

2: Learn to operate all types of operating systems

A computer expert does not know how to work with only one operating system, but he knows many operating systems such as Windows operating system, Mac OS, Kali Linux, etc. You must know about all these operating systems, you must know about this system. Know how to run them, then by installing these operating systems on your computer, you will be able to get information about all these operating systems, so that if you have any problem in any computer, you can easily fix it.

  • Use the Windows operating system.
  • Use the Mac operating system.
  • Use black Linux.

3: Try to fix the Computer Problem

The job of a computer expert or an expert is to have all the information about the computer and he can easily solve any problem in the computer, if it occurs, try to fix it, if you feel bad, try to get help. Internet


On the Internet, you will find all the solutions to any computer problem. Also, if your friend or family has a problem with a computer or laptop, try to fix it and let them know the solution. Experience) is growing. And then this problem will come to you again, then you will easily solve this problem without the help of any internet.

4: Watch online blogs and videos

A computer genius or computer expert learns something new every day by reading articles on online blogs and watching videos about computers and the Internet, from which he can learn a lot.

Therefore, if you also want to become a computer master, you should also read computer and Internet-related blogs and watch videos daily, as your knowledge will increase day by day and you will learn a lot about computers in the future. There will be good information.


5: Know about advanced skills of computer

Once you feel like you’ve mastered the basics of working with a computer and your computer looks like a toy, then you can learn advanced computer skills like a programming language. Software created networks, etc.
If you are currently in school, then I would advise you to take computer science on the 11th after passing the 10th, while once you pass the 12th, then you will have a computer in college. Engineer of science so you can read about all these things in this degree you are taught all these things so if you are a computer expert this degree will be very helpful for you.

6: Never Stop Learning

You may not know that a computer expert or a computer genius never stops learning, so if you think you will become a computer expert after getting a degree or a master’s degree from a college, never think that you will always be the kind of knowledge you have. in computer. You have to keep learning when something works, why can’t something be said.

Here’s how you can become a computer expert by following these tips and also build your career in computers. Remember that it will take you a lot of time to become an expert, this is not a daily job, so always learn.


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