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How to do Tiktok Video Viral 2022 The Waqas Butt

Tiktok app is a very popular platform and this app is very popular for short videos in Pakistan, this mobile app can be downloaded from both Play Store and App Store, this app has millions of users in India. Yes, you can become famous overnight, by posting a 15-second video on it. By coming to this platform, you can become impressive and earn millions of rupees while sitting at home, but it is not so easy.

Now you might think that you need a computer, laptop, or expensive DSLR to make a Tiktok video, no matter if you have a smartphone, you can make a Tiktok video go viral. But how do you find such advice and recommendations today? I’ll tell you that you too can become famous on Tik Tak overnight and make your Tik Tak video go viral, let’s find out what these tips are?

How to do Tiktok Video Viral?

Becoming tick famous or making a video viral is not an easy task, there are many important things that go into making a video go viral like video quality, using the right hashtags, following trends, and more. viral on Tiktok, how to make a video viral on Tiktok?

Tip 1: Keep the video quality of Tiktok good

Tiktok video quality plays a big role in why Tiktok videos go viral, so you have many ways to create Tiktok video quality groups.

  • Shoot video outdoors: Many people make the mistake of saying that their camera is not good enough to capture good quality video at home, so you can go out during the day and capture video from your phone. The video quality will also be good.
  • Use Ring Light: A ring is a wonderful thing that will improve the quality of your video. You can buy Ring Ling in any e-shop or online, it will greatly improve the quality of your video.
  • Use a DSLR Camera: If you want the best Tiktok video quality, you can use a DSLR camera in Ez. If you don’t have a DSLR, you can still use a simple phone.
  • Use a tripod: Some people shoot video with their phone in hand, so the video shakes a lot, i.e. if the video shakes a lot, you can use a tripod to get rid of this problem, and that’s good. tripod, you won’t need anyone’s help.

Tip 2: Make the concept of video unique and a little different

If you watch videos on TikTok, almost all the same videos are copied, if a Popular Tiktok Creator made a video for some concept, everyone copies it and that creator becomes more famous. You should see that the popular creator always brings something new and different so his TikTok video is rare which increases his popularity that is why it is said that TikTok always has its own unique concept of something new that will excite people and what is not yet it will increase the chances that your videos will go viral, so always make videos a little different.


You will find Tiktok transition videos and visual effects videos look great and beautiful, so you can create Tiktok transition videos and get more likes and views, this is also a great way for Tiktok. To get views and likes.

Tip 3: Upload at least 2 or 3 videos daily

It’s not easy to be famous on Tiktok and the video goes viral, you need to work hard for love, you must have seen all the big popular creators always post two or three videos a day, then try it ۔ You also post videos daily, adding videos daily will increase the chances of your video going viral, if you post more videos then some of their videos will definitely go viral which will make your followers tick like that. At the same time, the likes will increase and your video will also go viral, the question in the minds of many people is how to get followers on Tiktok so you don’t have followers on Tiktok because you don’t embed the video.

Tip 4: Make a video on the trending topic

Whenever there is a new trend in Tiktok, try to create unique content around that popular topic or popular sound, this will increase the chances of your videos going viral as Tiktok is always based on popular topics. Forward the video to you. What gets your views, the likes of the video increase and the video goes viral.

  • Create videos on popular topics: For example, if there is a festival, making a video about the festival will increase your chances of going viral.
  • Use shopping hashtags: Whatever topic you create a video on, use any popular hashtags for that topic, remember there is no point in using hashtags.
  • Use Trade Sound: Make a video of any fancy sound that plays in Tactic or use this sound music.

Tip 5: Make Duet Videos on Tik Tok

A great way to get views and likes on Tiktok is to duet, you can duet with any video that looks good, has a different concept, or you like popular viral videos. Pay with your creativity. Together, this video could go viral.

Tip 6: Understand the Tiktok Algorithm

Tiktok by itself does not make a video viral, the algorithm behind this is that the video is visible to people, the reason any video goes viral is the time to watch the video, if you also watch YouTube, then there are YouTube videos. because according to the viral watch time, the longer people watch the video, the longer the watch time of the video, and the more the algorithm will bring the video to the maximum possible number of people.

Similarly, the most important time to watch a video on Tiktok is how long people watch the video and how long they miss, this machine will know if people are interested in the video or not if they watch it more. Watch. Time then means people like the video and Tiktok then sends that video to you more.

  • Video-Sharing: The more people make an AC video, the more they share, and the more the video tick algorithm will make that video more viral.
  • Watch time: Try to stop people in the first 3 seconds otherwise people will skip your video, then do something in the video in the first second to make people watch all the videos.
  • Likes: The more likes a video has, the more important the video will be after the Tiktok video goes viral.

So here are some tips and tricks that you can use to make your TikTok video go viral so you can also increase your followers.


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